Robust financial fundamentals

  • Robust Financial Fundamentals

    Our properties provide above average returns, coupled with a stable and sustainable cash flow. In addition, all of our units are new construction, therefore eliminating your exposure to rent control. To see our Proforma & Floor Plans, click here.

  • Highly Populated Trade Area with Continuous Redevelopment

    South Los Angeles encompasses approximately 60 square miles and accounts for nearly 10% of the total population (nearly 885,000 persons) living in Los Angeles County. With such a large population, South Los Angeles would rank as the fourth largest city in California – over twice as large as Oakland.
    The infrastructure in South Los Angeles is continuously being improved upon. Specifically, the Los Angeles Unified School District (“LAUSD”) has embarked on an aggressive, $19.2 billion school construction and renovation program that will deliver new and modernized school facilities. The recent revitalization of Down Town has created a labor demand to service all of the new residents and visitors. Our properties are conveniently located adjacent to Down Town, creating a perfect suburb for the workforce labor to live in.

  • Strong Demand For Rental Housing and Affordable Housing

    Due to the current demand for rental housing, fair market rents (“FMR”) have steadily risen in Los Angeles over the last few years. With rents expected to continue to rise in the near future, coupled with low vacancy rates, help to provide stable returns for our investors.