Our investors

While we have developed and managed over 2,000 units since we started operating over 30 years ago, our team is able to provide personalized investment services. Between our development and management services, we offer an integrated service that allows individual attention, strategic portfolio management and personalized service. Ocean prides itself on ease of access, transparency and responsiveness to our renters and investors. We cater to the private investor that wants to invest in income property, but does not want to get involved in the day to day operations that so often come along with becoming a landlord. Our service is unique in that we can not only sell you the property but we can also manage it for you, providing you a “hands off” enjoyable experience while enjoying a great return on your investment.

Robust Financial Fundamentals

Our properties provide above average returns, coupled with a stable and sustainable cash flow. In addition, all of our units are new construction, therefore eliminating your exposure to rent control.

Highly Populated Trade Area with Continuous Redevelopment

South Los Angeles encompasses approximately 60 square miles and accounts for nearly 10% of the total population (nearly 885,000 persons) living in Los Angeles County. With such a large population, South Los Angeles would rank as the fourth largest city in California – over twice as large as Oakland. The infrastructure in South Los Angeles is continuously being improved upon. Specifically, the Los Angeles Unified School District (“LAUSD”)

Why Ocean Development

We believe the quality of our properties is far superior to anything ever built in the inner-cities. We continue to stay current on trends and supply the best amenities and upgrades seen in South Los Angeles. Furthermore, the properties are built to provide easy maintenance and long term efficiency.

In addition to the quality of our properties, our strengths include:

  • Knowledge of product – we only manage units built by us
  • Relationship with HUD – we have over 20 years’ experience with Section 8 and candid working relationships with HUD contractors, advisors and inspectors
  • Management Accountability – as well as having intimate relationships with our investors, our Managers have investment stakes in the Company and our properties
  • We expanded our working and administrative facilities to accommodate our growing operations and to meet our future business needs
  • We invested in and upgraded to the latest property and project management software
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