Our team

  • Amy Cyprus

    Amy is founder and sole owner of ODI. Amy has helped transform ODI into prosperity based on her key principles of having strong relationships, having flexibility in the strategic plan and following sound policies and procedures. Amy has been involved with property management since the age of 15. She comes from a family that has always owned and managed real estate. Amy married Kip C. Cyprus, who was involved in Trust Deed sales, in 1991. After they were married, Amy and Kip ventured on their own to buy, renovate and sell property for a profit. On occasion, Amy has come across and acquired multi-family residential properties for long-term holding. She has maintained and controlled all these investments with a focus on improving the efficiency of operations. She has developed great skills in teaching her staff how to manage and deal with the increasing number of tenants. She is always on top of the current and changing laws. Amy has been in control of ODI since its inception and has acquired the knowledge to turn a profit during difficult times. As competition continues to diminish, doors are opening for the acquisition and management of more long-term properties. Amy always finds ways to increase the bottom-line and sees real opportunities with today’s market.

  • Campbell Spurlock

    Campbell is the Chief Operating officer of ODI, serving in this capacity since 2004.  Campbell’s strong financial and organizational skills have been an asset in growing this already fruitful business.  In 2009 alone, Campbell helped increase revenues from $30 to over $60 million.  Campbell started off in construction sales at the age of 19, selling windows to new home builders.  At the age of 23, he started his own manufacturing company, making custom windows for residential homes.  Soon after, he was offered a position with Sierra Pacific Industries, where he played an integral role in operations and sales, developing the customer service, shipping and sales departments.  Over a 10 year period, Campbell was key to the growth of this successful company now known as Sierra Pacific Windows.

  • Christopher Newcombe

    Christopher has been with ODI and its predecessors since 1996. He has been instrumental in the transformation from its roots as a small group of investors/contractors into the dynamic, niche industry leading organization that it has grown to be today. He provides extensive experience in many key areas, including the management of construction, development and portfolio property management. Christopher earned a B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing in 1988. With a strong foundation of mechanical and technical aptitude, he developed over 10 years of industrial and technical sales successes in both the machinery and petrochemical industries prior to transitioning into the field of property development and management. Initially as an investor supervising infill development projects, Christopher quickly became skilled in construction management and low income property management. With successes in both the resale and property acquisition areas, he has also built and manages a substantial rental unit portfolio. Christopher’s 15 + years of real estate achievements are a testament to the experience and commitment he brings to this lucrative niche business.

  • Andy Zuppardo

    As a recent college graduate, Andy joined ODI in July of 2010. His enthusiastic attitude and youthful vision continue to enhance customer service, while facilitating the expansion of our property management division. Andy works alongside Neidy, fulfilling a variety of roles with a particular emphasis on investor relations. At the beginning of 2011, Andy took over and revamped our service department, where he was able to cut our response time and open service orders by more than half. Andy will continue to be a vital asset to ODI, as seen by his dedication to the future growth and success of the Company.

  • Neidy Saenz

    Neidy has been managing rental units for ODI since 2002, when there were less than 80 units under management. Since that time, she has seen the property base grow to over 700 units. Neidy is in charge of all rental activity and manages the office staff and leasing agents. She is the primary point of contact with our investors. Neidy has experienced the success of our properties on a first hand basis, as she has purchased and manages one herself. At the age of 16, Neidy began working in customer service. At the same time, she volunteered at a youth homeless shelter, helping teenagers through their early struggles in life. These experiences have helped her communication with and understanding of each tenant.

  • Nelly Mackovic

    Nelly joined ODI in 2008 where she was able to bring a wealth of extensive knowledge in the acquisition process of our properties. At the age of 27, Nelly came to America with the drive and determination to learn about real estate and understand the nature of American buyers and investors. Nelly has over 8 years of experience in loan processing with special emphasis in preliminary title analysis, appraisal preparation, and escrow funding and closing. Not only is Nelly a contributing factor to the success of ODI, but she also helps to maintain a professional and successful relationship between ODI’s investors and clients. Nelly will continue to be a staple in the daily business operation of ODI as it continues to successfully grow its business ventures.